Ecotour Barahona

Ecotour Barahona
Ecotour Barahona, Dominican Republic
Ecotour Barahona
Ecotour Barahona
Ecotour Barahona
Ecotour Barahona
Ecotour Barahona
Ecotour Barahona
Ecotour Barahona
Ecotour Barahona
Ecotour Barahona
Ecotour Barahona

This professional French-run tour company has been pioneering tourism in the Southwest since 2004. It offers good day trips to Bahía de Las Águilas, Lago Enriquillo, Laguna Oviedo and Cachóte, among others. It also offers a handful of day hikes in the hills around Paraíso, and can organize multiday trekking and bird-watching tours.

Ecotour Barahona is more than a simple tour operator. It is a way of experiencing tourism in an ecological way. Discover a new face of the Dominican Republic. A more human, a more authentic face. The goals of tours are: Sharing with the Dominican culture. Ecotour Barahona guides are born in region and the meals served are typical Caribbean dishes.

In each town, you will have the opportunity to share some moments of the Dominican life. The respect for the nature. Ecotour Barahona tours will allow you to travel around the four National Parks of the region, each of them protected by the Dominican government. All the sites they propose to visit are mostly uninhabited, far away from civilization and thus… truly authentics.



Dominican guides create an authentic journey through Barahona, sharing their local wisdom as visitors explore breathtaking protected forests, turquoise waters and white sands, and friendly village communities. Visitors can choose to enjoy delicious Caribbean meals, relax on the region's secluded beaches, bike through historic Santo Domingo, explore the beautiful Sierra de Bahoruco Mountains, and snorkel among awe-inspiring coral reefs and colorful tropical fish.

Highlights include discovering the breathtaking complexity of the local eco-systems by hiking through cloud forests and learning about the local flora and fauna, including the region's 130 bird species. Guides are happy to share their innate knowledge of their home environments, including the ability to communicate with parrots and hummingbirds and identify orchids, medicinal herbs, and even plants used for Haitian voodoo!


Ecotour Barahona, Dominican Republic


In addition to the exploration of the utopian landscape, visitors can engage with the local people in authentic fisherman villages and farming communities, a unique opportunity to learn about an ancient way of life. By choosing ECO-Tour Barahona, the visitor will embark on a truly authentic and memorable adventure in the Dominican Republic.

An experience with ECO-Tour Barahona goes beyond personal satisfaction and relaxation. It contributes to the well-being of communities by providing economic support through tourism and by creating a sense of empowerment. Additionally, choosing ECO-Tour Barahona supports the conservation of the region's natural resources and wildlife, creates an opportunity for environmental education and preservation, and fosters cultural exchange and understanding.


Ecotour Barahona, Dominican Republic


Offered private packages:

- Discovering the Larimar and the deep South
- Birdwatch Tour 6 days
- Birdwatch Tour 3 days
- Pelican Package
- Hummingbird Package
- Beaches, Mountains & Desert
- Sierra de Bahoruco
- Horseback Riding
- Cacao Trail
- Garden of Eden
- Nature Combo
- Cloud Forest Mountain
- Blue Jewel Mine
- Lake Enriquillo
- Flamingo Island
- Untouched Paradise


Ecotour Barahona, Dominican Republic



My mind still stuck there!

Thank you guys for a fabulous trip. I would recommend your service to any person interested to see your area! Bahia de las Aguilas is a dream, the best beach ever. Punta Cana or Bavaro beach are nothing compared to this beauty. Hope no developers come to explode the area, so it can keep its calm and nature.
The food was really good, specially the beans with coconut! loved it!

Thank you Yovanny, David and Josi for your great service! Hope to visit the area again!

Jeimy M

Best Barahona Trips!

I booked two tours through Ecotours Barahona and both were great thanks to the lovely guides.

The first tour was a hike into the hills around Paraiso discovering nature and the local farms. It was a great experience meeting the people there and sharing a lunch with them.

The second trip was to Bahia de las Aguilas and I am still in awe with how beautiful the beach there was and how there was barely anyone there. I packed my snorkeling gear and had a great time discovering the underwater life. A delicious lunch was provided and the guys even kept us updated on the world cup scores :)

Thank you, Yovanny, David and Josi! My trip to Barahona would not have been the same if it wasn't for you guys :)

Sabine B

Trip to Bahia de las Aguilas

Excellent service. We were picked up at 8:00 am sharp and the trip went smoothly as planned. Efrain our guide, Jaito our driver and Anderson our guide apprentice where very professional,knowledgeable, courteous and respectful. Lunch was served right at the beach, very well made Dominican dishes, fish, rice and pigeons with coconut, salad and fruit salad.

We spent most of our time enjoying the crystal clear waters in Bahia de las Aguilas. Also went to Laguna de Oviedo and had a swim at Los Patos River to wash away the saltwater. Water is cold but energizes you. Thanks Ecotour and all of you guys for such a wonderful trip.


Excellent Day Trips!

While we were exploring the Southern portion of the Dominican, we took two tours with Ecotour Barahona. The first trip that we took was to Bahia de Aquilas - it was absolutely beautiful with gorgeous beaches and warm waters. We felt as though we were taken to our own private beach. Our guide, Efrain and our Driver, David were wonderful! They were knowledgeable of the area and shared additional places where we could stop and enjoy when we were on our own.

Our second trip was to Lago Enriquillo. We enjoyed a boat trip out to see the American Crocodiles and many birds, while hot, it was lovely. Later we viewed the caves with Taino and pre-Taino paintings and carvings. They were amazing, the only caution - the climb up and down can be treacherous - definitely wear good shoes and if you have health issues, you may want to stay down below. This is not the tour operators fault, the site itself needs some improvement.

Our guide, Giovani was most knowledgeable and shared information regarding the vineyards that we passed (we also had the chance to stop and purchase a bottle of Dominican Red Wine), and David, our driver once more, was fantastic. Later in the afternoon, we went to a lovely natural swimming hole, and then we stoped and purchased some local coffee. Lunch was served on both trips with traditional Dominican fare - it was wonderful! We'll be back to do additional tours next year!

Kathleen D

Bahia de las Aguilas: STUNNING!

Have you ever been overwhelmed with beauty? I can honestly say I have. And the tour to Bahia de las Aguilas is amazing. So much beauty without distractions. Ecotour ensured our complete satisfaction of this unspoiled beach. Efrain was our guide. David our driver. Both very knowledgeable of the area as they both grew up there. Patient, courteous, and respectful.

This beach will amaze you. Only accessible by boat or horse. The lack of humans just adds to the incredible feelings you'll experience. Unlike other tours, Ecotours provide a delicious lunch to your liking served right on the isolated beach! I requested fish. It did not disappoint. This meant more time on the beautiful beach. AMAZING! Special thanks to Nico for his patience and professionalism.


Great day at Cachote

We booked a day tour to Cachote and we really enjoyed our day. The road up to the mountain was really rocky, so be prepared to spend some hours in a pumping car, but ohter than that it was a great oportunity to see how the people in te villages live and to see what is really up on all those mountains. We visited a coffee plantation, saw kakao trees, diferent limes and oranges and we could try them all.

Had a small hike in the mountains looking for birds but we didn't see many, althou we heard many of them and our guid was excellent at making bird sounds. The lunch was very simple but really good (rice, pork, salad, juice, fruits). The guide spoke really good english.